Have you heard that before? “You get what you pay for.”

glovesIf you are a bargain shopper or coupon clipper, you regularly defeat the warning of this idiom. We have grown use to getting products at a bargain price. Today is Black Friday, 2016. It is the day of discounts. Today you can buy clothes, shoes, toys for 30%, 40%, or more off the original price. Regardless of how much the savings, you will get the same item for less money because it is on sale. Right?

We often extend this buying philosophy to purchases on items that have ranges of price and appear to be the same. The difference between name brand and generic. Sometimes it makes a difference, sometimes it doesn’t.

Have you ever purchased a product that you were told would do the job,
maybe even from a reputable company and it just didn’t fit the bill?

Recently, we were asked to deliver our smallest roll off container (a 10 cubic yard) to a home in Albuquerque. When our driver arrived he called dispatch to mention he had set the container down next to a Bagster®. This is a product from a highly reputable, worldwide trash icon. I have seen this product advertised but hadn’t seen one actually in use. I was told to go by and take a look and was truly surprised when I saw the difference.

The Bagster® is a great concept.

You go buy the bag itself from multiple suppliers for about $30. When you’re done, you call to have the company pick it up for a flat fee, $150 in my area. But make sure you don’t put more than 3,300 lbs. or there will be an extra fee. So that’s $180 plus tax and any applicable fees.

roll-off-vs-basterOr you can call us for a small roll off container. The 10 cubic yard container in Albuquerque is priced at $280 plus tax. This price included delivery, final pickup, rental for up to 30 days and up to 7,000 lbs.  Yeah, it is more, because you get what you pay for!

See more pricing, uses and roll off FAQ, then call to order for you household clean up.

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