Here is a Sample of the LEED Tracking Spreadsheet Western Disposal Services has developed to assist you in tracking your waste stream.

The first LEED tracking sheet is a cover page that tracks the total percentages of waste per category.

LEED Cover Spreasheet

The second LEED tracking sheet itemizes each exchange listing weights and if the material had a charge or rebate for you.

LEED Spreasheet 2

LEED spreadsheet page 2

Rebates fluctuate with the market.

Western Disposal Services developed this tool to assist in your LEED Certification documentation. In order to meet qualifications, you will need to provide several pieces of evidence to show your Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. We want to provide this service to show our interest in your success. Sometimes when a project does not require this documentation, General Contractors and Builders still want to track the waste stream of a project. We are happy to provide this service at your request when recycling containers are used. Please let us know in advance.

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