Do you need a dumpster just for cardboard?

If your company receives supplies in cardboard boxes, are a moving company or otherwise throw cardboard in the trash, you could be recycling instead of creating more trash. Cardboard is in demand and worth money to you.

Many companies take advantage of cardboard recycling.

It is good for the economy, environment and your bottom line. Rent a dumpster to fill with cardboard and will take care of the rest.

This is what you can expect:

  • Call 505-450-7671
  • Tell us you want a dumpster for cardboard.
  • We will ask if you want a permanent placement* for cardboard recycling.
  • We will take your address, contact and payment information.
  • If you’d like to received monthly invoices you will need to fill out a Credit Application.

*Permanent placement in this case DOES NOT mean you will be on contract. It simply means you want one for a longer period of time. Each time you fill the container, you just give us a call and we will bring you an empty.

The best thing about cardboard is that it produces a rebate. Western Disposal’s policy is to credit the rebate to the cost of the container. We can also return it to you in check form. Your choice.

Call today 505-450-7671 to set up delivery. Our commitment to service is deliveries and exchanges in 24 hours for less. Western Disposal Services is a locally owned and operated, woman-owned business. We look forward to hearing from you.

cardboard recycling in Albuquerque
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