You’ve Seen These Dumpsters And You Want One At Your House.

There a many different reasons to get a dumpster in Albuquerque. Maybe you’re doing a renovation, cleaning up the yard, cleaning out the garage, or…

Maybe mother nature presents you with an emergency dumpster need:

I will never forget that wind storm. It struck at night, took the power out for hours. We got a call from our neighbors say, “Your tree fell on our house.” Then the second one went down, into their house. The next morning we were faced with two problems: what do we do and who do we call?

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30 Cubic Yard Dumpster Fits In The Driveway

I called Western Disposal to get a dumpster.

We thought we’d be able to chop it down ourselves and we’d need somewhere to put the pieces of the tree. Well that didn’t work. John, at Western Disposal helped. He has been a business owner in Albuquerque for 20 years and lived in Albuquerque always. He has lots of resources and enjoys providing solutions for friends and customers alike. He knows many other local business owners who thrive by providing affordable, efficient, personalized service. We had tried to call “Tree Removal” companies and could barely get anyone to answer the phone that day. Within a couple hours after our Dumpster was delivered…

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Tree Service Company

Piece By Piece

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Mountain States Cranes

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It Was Quite the Show

This all started with a phone call to Western Disposal Services. I remember, while the crane was lifting the tree over the house, one of the larger tree removal companies was driving up our street and stopped to watch.

Now that I am a representative of Western Disposal Services, I hold true the fact that we are a part of our community, not just a local business. If you need a dumpster in Albuquerque, or Central New Mexico call us!

Ask how we can help you today! 505-450-7671

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