Providing Roll Off Containers for General Contractors In New Mexico.

Construction Waste Disposal

General Contractors:

  • For delivery please call 505-450-7671
  • For large projects call 505-450-2645 for a bid

Western Disposal Services, Inc is an Albuquerque based waste disposal company.

We know our city and we know waste removal in New Mexico. Our community is becoming more interested in disposal solutions to reduce our footprint on the environment. We can certainly provide construction trash containers for your project, but we encourage the use of recycling containers in addition. We can provide metal and cardboard recycling that result in rebates as a credit to your bottom line. We can provide green waste, dirt and wood recycling for no more than the container cost. And for recycling asphalt, concrete and sheet rock, we charge a flat container rate and a small tonnage rate. We will maintain and deliver Excel Spreadsheets to assist you in tracking your LEED or Recycling Project. View a Sample.

For General Contractors, we offer pricing that is based on actual tonnage.

Sometimes a price may seem less because the bid includes phrases like, “No additional charge for tonnage.” Believe me, no one is going to pay your tonnage fees. These companies include a high enough flat rate margin to cover any potential tonnage fee and still make money for themselves. The less weight in the container, the more money they make. You, as an agent of a for profit business, offer bids that include a margin of profit (we are all in business to make money.) Don’t you agree that the best business practice is to be transparent? Transparency builds trust. That is exactly how we operate. Albuquerque is a mid-sized city that still acts like a small town. Your name and your word are sometimes the only information available. We operate our business with this in mind. Our name speaks for itself. Western Disposal Services, Inc., “reliable, cost effective, professional roll off container services.” Please call for bid for your project.

Standard pricing for containers is priced to include 3.5 tons of waste. We can also offer a different pricing structure with a lower start price with which you only pay for exact tonnage. This pricing structure is better when the expected contents will be lighter.

If you are interested in a bid for roll off containers for a project, please fill in the contact form below.

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