Frequently Asked Questions and Dumpster Images

You may have questions about Renting a Dumpster at for your home or business. Please view these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Dumpster Images show Roll Off Container in sizes: 15 Cubic Yards, 20 Cubic Yards, 30 Cubic Yards, 40 Cubic Yards and Concrete Washout Roll Off. We are always available to answer questions. As a reminder: View our Blog for more discussions about our services and other questions about waste disposal.

What is not allowed in containers?

Liquids, Refrigerants, Tires, Chemicals, Hazardous Materials, Electronics. For disposal of dirt, rock, asphalt and concrete a 10 or 15 Cubic Yard container is required.

How long can I keep my container?

Thirty days. The rental rate after 30 days is $15.00 per day or $150 for an additional 30 days (whichever is less.) You will need to call for pick up of your container. We do not automatically do a final pickup of the container at the 30 day mark.

Do I need a permit for the container?

If the container is on the street, you may need a permit. If the container is on your property, you will not. Permit Contact information: City of Albuquerque Barricade Permit Construction Coordinator 600 2nd Street, 4th Floor, Suite 400 Albuquerque, NM 87102 Phone: 505-924-3400 dumpster sizes

What is the length of the container?

10 Cubic Yard = 16 Ft Long x 3 Ft Deep x 8 Ft Wide
15 Cubic Yard = 22 Ft Long x 3 Ft Deep x 8 Ft Wide
20 Cubic Yard = 22 Ft Long x 4 Ft Deep x 8 Ft Wide
30 Cubic Yard = 22 Ft Long x 6 Ft Deep x 8 Ft Wide
40 Cubic Yard = 22 Ft Long x 7 Ft Deep x 8 Ft Wide

Where are the containers emptied?

Several locations: Sandoval County Landfill, City of Albuquerque Landfill, Valencia County Landfill and Waste Management Landfill. For a complete listing of New Mexico Landfills click the link below.

When do I pay for the container?

At time of delivery we will accept cash, check or bill the credit card you provide us. Be reminded that for tonnage over 3.5 tons (7000lbs) there will be an additional charge.

Does the container have a door?

The rear of the container opens, full height and width. The door is also how the container is emptied at the land fill.

How full can I load the container?

One inch below the rim of the container. There can be no trash sticking out beyond the top of the container.

Do you recycle any materials?

Yes, we recycle wood, metals, concrete, asphalt, aggregate, green waste (plants and shrubs), sheet rock and cardboard when quantities allow. There are additional billing specifications for recycling.

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