There are dumpsters for rent in Albuquerque or any other town where you live or work.

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Often calls come in asking about dumpsters for rent in a tone of voice that seems questioning, “Can I get one of those dumpster at my house that they use at the construction sites around town?” The answer is YES!

Dumpsters for rent in Albuquerque… How to guide:

Call John: (505) 450-7671  (John takes orders and dispatches trucks for delivery and pick up of dumpsters)

John will ask a series of questions to be sure you will receive the appropriate service, and completely understand rates. View our rates page

He will need:

  • Your name, address and phone number
  • What size container you believe you’d like to rent. If you don’t know we can help you decide
  • What type of material you’ll be disposing of
  • When you’d like your container delivered
  • Typically we can deliver within 24 hours from the time of our phone conversation. We typically schedule deliveries for not more than 7 days in advance. We will need payment information at this time.

On the day of your delivery:

Our driver will give you approximately a 45 minute notice that he is on his way.

The driver will arrive at the site.

It is a good idea to have a contact person present at the delivery location to ensure proper placement.

The roll off container opens on one end, the driver will be cautious to allow space for the door to open.

Your credit card will be charged within 5 days of receiving your container.

When you are ready for the container to be picked up:

Call the phone number on the side of your container (505-450-7671) to arrange time for pickup

That’s it…

The “How to of dumpsters for rent” will change slightly depending on where you live and what company you are working with. Be sure to ask questions about:

  • Waste material restrictions
  • Additional tonnage fees
  • Fuel fees
  • Environmental fees
  • Delivery fees

You don’t want any surprises on your bill, percentages add up fast.

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