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Concrete Washout Container

concrete washout

Concrete washouts are used to contain concrete and liquids when the chutes of concrete mixers and hoppers of concrete pumps are rinsed out after delivery. Washouts are specially coated so when the concrete dries it can be emptied easily. Washouts are emptied at the concrete recycling company.

The Concrete Washout Container has become a mandatory requirement when pouring cement.

concrete washout container

Washout Containers must be in excellent repair, their primary function is to “Contain” the liquid of wet concrete.

The washout container consolidates solids for easier disposal and prevents runoff of liquids. The wash water is alkaline and contains high levels of chromium, which can leach into the ground and contaminate groundwater. It can also migrate to a storm drain, which can increase the pH of area waters and harm aquatic life. Solids that are improperly disposed of can clog storm drain pipes and cause flooding.

The concrete washout container provides a location to allow for evaporation of the liquids. Once, the wash water has evaporated the cured (dried) concrete is no longer a danger to the environment and can be recycled normally. Concrete washout containers prevent pollution but are also a matter of good housekeeping at your construction site.

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Concrete Demolition Recycling

concrete disposal

10 and 15 Cubic Yard Dumpsters are used to dispose of cured concrete. When you fill the container with only concrete, the concrete can be recycled. Recycling is significantly less expensive than taking material to the landfill. Recycling concrete is also a great way to reduce our environmental foot print.

Demolition concrete can be very expensive to dispose. Recycle and save!

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