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Western Disposal Services  can offer Same Day Empty and Exchange services for your compactor.

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Facts about Compactors:

Basic Trash Compactors: An average of approximately 200 gallons of trash (i.e. the equivalent of 4 of the 50-gallon bags of loose, non-compacted waste) will fit into each cubic yard of dumpster space. Since an 8-yard dumpster is the equivalent of approximately 1,616 gallons of capacity (i.e. 202 x 8) this means that, if full, an 8-yard dumpster would hold roughly 30 of the 50 gallon bags (or 50 of the 30 gallon bags etc) of loose, non-compacted waste. (i.e. 1,616 divided by 50 gal). Cardboard Compactors: Cardboard Recycling can produce big savings in waste hauling costs (By removing the cardboard from the waste stream the waste volume is reduced accordingly). Because of Cardboard rebates, recycling generates income for your business. Cardboard boxes specifically take up a substantial amount of space in office and storage areas. By using compactors and balers, you can reduce the space needed to store cardboard before final disposal.

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